I’ve been pretty off the radar when it comes to keeping up my website lately. After wedding season was over I needed a breather from everything, but it’s so nice to come back recharged and look at Noah and Olivia’s wedding!

These two are so friggin’ adorable I lost my mind. I love how so intensely happy they are together. Olivia had the biggest cheesiest smile all over her face the entire day, and Noah looks at her like he’s seeing her for the first time every time he looks at her. It’s hard to look at these and not get all misty and sappy over it.

Lareau Farm in Waitsfield is one of my favorite venues. It’s so perfect for a wedding this big and happy.

I never know what to write in these blog posts except how thrilled I was that they chose me for their wedding day. It was an incredible day.

Love you guys <3



I’ve been wanting to post about Nick and Hayley for awhile now, but I’ve been struggling to find the best words. It was just a ton of people that love each other crying their faces off about two beautiful people getting married.

There’s nothing quite like shooting a wedding as a guest and the photographer. The ease that graces you as you’ve already made it through the awkward pleasantries and the hesitation of fearing judgements as I grab a glass of wine at the reception. Love pouring out of every single person that came. Hayley and Nick could not stop cheesin’ all dang day. As the ceremony took place, nobody seemed to be able to keep it together. Wet eyes, and sniffles roared through the crowd as they pledged their vows to love each other forever.

Being able to drop my professional photographer face, and just be that weirdo with a camera in one hand and a whiskey in the other, I feel it really allowed me to capture their day more intimately than ever before. The insight of history and friendship washed over us and everything was beautiful, and chaotic, and perfect.

Tim and Sarah are Married!!

Oh maaaaannnnnn! What a stunning wedding. Tim and Sarah were one of the first weddings I booked for 2018, and I was so nervous, and they are SO DANG COOL.  So many of my clients have a strange tie to me directly in my personal life. Tim and Sarah and I have mutual friends in Somerville, which is where they live. Who knew!?

It was one of those weddings where you feel like you're just part of the wedding, and that's what I hope to achieve by the end of the day with all my weddings. 

When you mermaid for each other.


I seriously have the coolest clients, It's crazy. 

Scott and Amber were referred to me by a mutual friend Dave, who's in this bitchin' band called Wolfhand. Come to find out, Scott and Amber are also in the music scene with their band Witchkiss. (Go see them both play at Nectar's October 29th for a spooky show)

I showed up at the Green Mountain Inn about 30 minutes before their ceremony. I hadn't met either of them in person yet, and I didn't actually meet Amber until after the ceremony was over. But holy moly, aren't they a stunning family!! It was a gorgeous little knot tying elopement. It was short and sweet, followed by champagne, a fully clothed swim, and dinner. I'm so happy they chose me to photograph them. I love these intimate ceremonies. I feel like for a few hours I become a part of somebody's family. As bizarre as that sounds. 


Enjoy the photos! <3

A wet knot is harder to break


Megan and Oscar

Whenever I first show up at a wedding I'm shooting there's definitely a little awkward phase where we all gotta warm up to each other. That phase barely existed with Megan and Oscar. Megan offered me a tequila shot, and Oscar by the end of the night was yelling "I DON'T WANNA SEE YOU WITH THAT CAMERA ANYMORE. JUST HAVE FUN" 

It rained the entire day except for the ceremony which was STUNNING. 
It was one of those days that was very challenging, but so very worth it. By the end of the night I was soaking wet, and disheveled, but so was everybody else except the bride and groom of course. 

I had never been to Tarbin Gardens, but it's one of the most gorgeous locations I've seen and although it rained all day, I still had so much fun with everybody. Amazing energy, amazing people, great night. I know they'll be happy forever.

I also looked up what rain on a wedding day meant that night,
A wet knot is harder to untie therefore rain on your wedding day means that your marriage will for sure last. <3

Olivia and Noah


Olivia and Noah are one of the rare couples that I work with that actually live nearby. The first night we met at Butch and Babe's when we were still getting everything finalized, and we hit it off immedietely. 
Their engagement shoot was nothing short of awesome. These two are so much fun, so cute, and we had a blast galavanting around town. 

Let's plan a wedding in three days


Sarah and Chad were such a blast! A short intimate ceremony at the Shelburne Museum in Vermont, and I spent a few hours just hanging out with them exploring and documenting how in love they are with life and everything!

Elopements are so much fun!!

Nick and Hayley


It's tough to find a good backdrop when it won't stop raining in Vermont, but Nick and Hayley made do perfectly with this overcast day. It doesn't matter where you are as long as you're with the love of your life. Rain only makes it more of an adventure. I'm so excited for their wedding! Good music, good people and tents. <3 You two are so dang cute. 

It's raining, it's pouring, there's actually a freakin' nor'easter outside


I'm a big fan of elopements. Nothing screams love more soundly then wanting nothing but to go up on a Tuesday with nobody else but your soulmate (and your photographer as well, duh) 

This one was super special. Heidi had found me about six weeks prior, and asked if I'd be interested in shooting her and Tyler elope. Obviously, I jumped at the idea. Monday, the day before arrived and I went and met up with them for lunch. Little did I know, this cute couple from outta state, I had gone to high school with the groom! What a small world.

Tuesday showed up and I was kind of freaking out. There was a nor'easter in the forecast and it was 9am and the roads were pure white. I made the poor decision to not get snow tires this year so I had recruited a friend with a big truck to drive me around that day so that I wouldn't die.

We first went to the house that Tyler grew up in. It's lived in temporarily by an adorable older couple who let us play around and take photos. It had such an adorable charm to it. I love all the cute farmhouses in the North East Kingdom.

Next stop was Burke Mountain. We ran around and took some cute photos in the snow while we waited for the officiant.
We picked a cute little spot on a creek. Just the four of us and two woman who worked at the mountain. It was beautiful and snowy and a wonderful story.

I was also featured on the Boston 7 News!! Go check out the adorable little story here!!

Actual Winter Wonderland


It's crazy the places photography takes me. 

Funny enough, since I've moved back to Vermont I find myself photographing people I grew up with more often than not. It's cool to see how we've grown up after being a bunch of weird lookin' teenagers. We're adults now, and I think we're doing alright.

Shelbey and Mason are soooo cute, and look so dang good in the snow with their classically handsome dog. Although Shelbey was looking forward to being in the midst of a snowstorm, I was much more thrilled with the snow covered trees and blue skies. Besides, all you gotta do is shake up the trees a little and boom, your own personal snowfall. 

I can't wait to shoot their wedding in September!! <3

That one time I accidentally took a month long vacation.

 Chiricahua National Monument - Wilcox, AZ 12/23/17

Chiricahua National Monument - Wilcox, AZ 12/23/17

Back in November I bought a plane ticket back to Burlington from Los Angeles for January 4th. That is kind of what fueled my whole trip to begin with. 

I figured if I'm going to head west I might as well make the most of it, so I got a ticket to start at my parent's house out in the desert in Arizona. They live in a tiny town about an hour and a half south-east of Tucson. No man's land. It's wild. 

 Cochise, AZ 12/21/17

Cochise, AZ

I spent eight days at my parents house in the desert. I can't remember the last time we got to kick it on Christmas. We celebrated the only way a family should celebrate Christmas.
By shooting guns at a pice of plywood on a dry lake, and a nice dinner. 

While I was out there my friend Jeremiah called me one night and suggested I come visit him while I'm out west, and I figured "Why not?"

I took him up on his offer and figured "Why don't I just throw Chicago in there too since I've been so homesick lately" and thus began my accidental month long vacation. 

 Self Portrait. Cochise, AZ 12/21/17

Self Portrait. Cochise, AZ

Every night I'd wake up to the sounds of coyotes eating their dinner outside my window. Off in the distance is a power plant you can see glowing from miles away. Dead creatures linger forever, and the sounds of footsteps scares the shit out of my because who could possibly be out there?
I'm not a big fan of being in the dark. 

 La Playa - Cochise, AZ 12/21/17

La Playa - Cochise, AZ 12/21/17

As much as I love the desert, and how weird it is, where my parents live is so far out there that I can't handle it. I need people. I need socialization. I need to be busy doing things. My parents are in their seventies and I love them, but I was ready to get to get to LA and be on my own.

It's nice to take a break from the world, and in the middle of the desert is a wonderful place to do it, but then I gotta get back to living life like the maniac that I am. 





 Yazmine Zoraida - Downtown Los Angeles, CA 12/29/17

Yazmine Zoraida - Downtown Los Angeles, CA 12/29/17

In LA I stayed with an old friend Yazmine (Who I know from living in Chicago) and her boyfriend James. Yaz is an incredible woman. We met at a very strange time in our lives and bonded over unconventional choices we've made. I'm glad we've both grown up, become stronger, and I'm so happy for the life she's created for herself in Los Angeles. 
James was like the most epic LA tour guide you could ask for. Knows everything about LA, I was impressed. They showed me some bomb stuff. We laughed. We saw. We conquered. 

 Yaz and I -&nbsp;The Bradbury Building.

Yaz and I - The Bradbury Building.

The night I got in I was ready to get down and boogie. They greeted me with prosseco. We went out to all these bars and dance clubs. La Shush (Lash) was probably the most fun.

James is a fantastic dancer. 

They took me downtown the next day, and I caught a celebrity sighting of Mini Me! I almost didn't see him. 

I love all the colors, and the sunshine, and the interesting people. 


As I sit in my room writing this still trying to thaw out from my early morning adventure to capture the sunset with my bestie. 

So tired of being cold. 

Above is my super fun day exploring Venice Beach with Yaz. The weather was kind of perfect, and the sand was soft and the shopping was to diiieeeeee. 
Literally actually die because you will empty your bank account very easily there, and then not have any money to keep living.

 Salvation Mountain - Niland, CA 1/3/18 with Yazmine Zoraida&nbsp;

Salvation Mountain - Niland, CA 1/3/18 with Yazmine Zoraida 

After New Years we ventured out to go check out Salvation Mountain and Slab City. On our way there though we stopped in Desert Palm Springs and stayed at this super adorable mineral springs spa place. 

I was so busy enjoying myself in the water I only took photos with my phone. I spent more time swimming than I did outside of the pool. It was just magnificent.

Then onwards to probably the COOLEST part of the trip.
The Salton Sea, Bombay Beach, Salvation Mountain and East Jesus.

Yes, prepare to be OVERLOADED with photos.

First stop, the Salton Sea
Apparently the Salton Sea is famous for being this super toxic lake in the Colorado Desert. It is so toxic nothing can live there. The entire beach is covered in dead fish bones, and it smells really, really terrible. However, it is a wildly fascinating phenomenon and very beautiful despite it's toxciity.

Sounds like most of my relationships LOL jk not really.

Next we have Bombaaaaayyyy Beach

Sounds like a super fancy destination where you'll be drinking expensive cocktails in super soft sand with bright blue waters?
Nope, it's a run down little town on the Salton Sea that is honestly just very confusing. It's mostly abandoned, but not quite. I have so many questions for the few people who still live there.
Also, it smells very bad. 

And then we made our way to Salvation Mountain.
Fun little fact. The man that created Salvation Mountain is actually from Vermont. His name is Leonard Knight. 

It was such an interesting place to explore. The colors! The tourists. (Ughhh) and the angry man with the megaphone that would yell at people that strayed from the yellow brick road. 

I'm so curious about what fuled this art project.

Who dedicates a mountain of painted adobe brick to god?


Next to Salvation Mountain is Slab City which is a very interesting community of loaners, gypsies, tramps and thieves. Strange crowd, but pretty interesting. Within that we discovered another art installation called East Jesus. 

There's a "wizard" there with permanent wine mouth. We watched him overpower this woman with so much emotion she began to cry and I had no idea what was going on.

After East Jesus we began our drive back to Los Angeles as we caught the tail end of the sunset going over the Salton Sea. It was a beautiful last day to have in California.

After East Jesus we began our drive back to Los Angeles as we caught the tail end of the sunset going over the Salton Sea. It was a beautiful last day to have in California

 Garden of the Gods - January 6th, 2018

Garden of the Gods - January 6th, 2018

I met Jeremiah when I lived in Ohio. I've known him for maybe six years now? It was a wonderful short little visit. He took me to Garden of the Gods. We saw some rocks. We took some senior photos. We ate well, and drank well, and watched some black mirror. Great weekend. Taylor swift is the shit.

Leaving Denver was almost a nightmare. Jeremiah also had a flight that day as well, but unlike him I have to go through regular TSA and also check my very large suitcase. Denver is overloADED with people I would have missed my flight had it not been delayed. (Thanks Spirit) 
It was nice though to wait in an airport with a friend drinking smoothies.
We parted ways and Jeremiah flew to Texas and I headed to Chicago. 

 Erin Schminke - Downtown Chicago - January 10th, 2018

Erin Schminke - Downtown Chicago - January 10th, 2018

I stayed with my best friend ever. Erin and her girlfriend Bri.
One of the days I was there, it was like 45-50 degrees and kinda dreary out, and it was the most perfect day ever. 
We roamed around downtown Chicago, and explored the aquarium and laughed and ate delicious food. It was just so nice to be outside, and exploring things I never explored all that much when I actually lived there.

And then!
I spent a pretty rad day with the gorgeous, and very purple Aimee Bueno. She took me to this bizarre cluster of antique shops in Velo Illinois. Weird stuff, but very cool. 

 Justin Mccrocklin - Brown Brother's Tattoo - 1/11/18

Justin Mccrocklin - Brown Brother's Tattoo - 1/11/18

After spending the morning with Aimee she dropped me off at Brown Brother's tattoo where I saw my friend Justin and let him decorate my body some more. 
I couldn't be more pleased.


It was nice to catch up, and see old friends. I totally didn't ever get to my storage unit out there to enhance my current wardrobe at home unfortunately.

I'll get to it eventually. 


 Chicago, IL - January 10th, 2018

Chicago, IL - January 10th, 2018

On January 14th I finally packed up all my belongings and made my way to the Airport. (Thank you Aimee for the ride) and forced myself to get on a plane to finally head back home.

I don't think I have ever been more exhausted than I had been that night.
As must as I absolutely love traveling, I was very happy to sleep in my own bed again.

And there you have it.

At least most of it.

And now I must nap. <3

Gabrielle met her Matt


These two. Such a beautiful wedding. The way they looked at each other is just unbelievable. I cried myself. Shhhhhhh
They hosted their wedding in an alleyway. Who knew a warehouse could be so beautiful! I love how creative we are as humans. A diamond in the rough. They transformed this space into something truely magical. I'm so excited to share these with you. I was so honored I was the one they chose to capture their amazing day. :)

Joe Percy Live from the Granite Quarry


It was cold, but not that cold. It was mid-November. We walked over a "do not trespass" sign into the quarry. We got some dirty looks from men in excavators, and I was surprisingly more nervous than Joe. 
We got too cold and found ourselves enjoying a beer and pizza at Positive Pie in Barre, but it's fine. The sunset didn't look that great anyway. 

His music is wonderful and soulful. Definitely, go listen to him here!

Babes on a Mountain

A couple weeks ago my best friend since forever was in town. 

We both grew up in Vermont and went to Highschool together in Hardwick, Vermont. Years later I convinced her to move to Chicago with me. She's still there (kinda) when she's not jet-setting all over the country, and I'm currently back in Burlington. 

I got to meet her raaaaad girlfriend as well. I cried. It was great. I took them to my favorite lookout in Vermont thus far and had an imporpmptu couples shoot. 
Here they are <3

Cotton Candy, Hot Dogs, and Kat Wright.


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to shoot Kat Wright at the Champlain Valley Fair. Definitely a pretty amazing experience. Even after I couldn't walk straight for two days from all the carousel rides, it was totally worth it. I had a blast. Her music is jazzy and her soul is firey, and I was inspired to create. I also got to experience the incredible frosted flakes chicken on a stick. I highly recommend. It's p delish. The next day I jammed out to her album By My Side and used it to inspire as I edited. 

It's always a really great feeling when you walk away from a shoot and you just can't wait to see them, and finish them, and share them. As I grow as a photographer it's becoming second nature to capture things as I experience them, and it's part of who I am to reach for my camera as I see a moment about to happen. It's refreshing to have people seek me out because they like my work and they want me. Not just a photographer, but me. Arielle Thomas. That feels pretty dang cool. 


August 26th was the day I stopped working at the Camera Store. I came home kind of upset and my best friend reminded me that we had these muralists coming to stay with us. I was annoyed and I didn't want to see anyone at first, but then I met them and totally fell in love with these boss babes. Their mission was so cool and so inspiring and I dubbed myself their official photographer and helped document their progress. It was kind of a turning point for me personally. As one window shut, I found myself opening a door to a really wonderful world of possibilities that is a journey I am so pumped to be on right now. 

They were given the wall behind Battery Street Jeans in Burlington, VT to paint a mural of some boss babes around New England. Emily Herr and Sarah Apple have a beautiful way of spreading girl power and I'm so lucky to have met them. 

#girlsgirlsgirlstour Click the link!! I recommend checking out their artwork and their incredible story.
I'm so glad the giant metal baby is back on the road. <3

When sixty strangers all meet for the first time.

A few weeks ago I was hired by this incredible woman Haley Hamblin to shoot a family reunion in New Hampshire. There were three generations, and a large majority of them had never met. I was mostly impressed that they were able to track all these people down. It's pretty incredible. The property was gorgeous, way out in the middle of nowhere. They were all so kind and generous. Treating me as a guest and not just the photographer. It was a pretty wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon. 

Here are some of my favorite photos from the evening. 

I'm going up to the Adirondacks to shoot a family tomorrow.

I swear it's not as bad as it sounds. 

I laughed as I heard myself telling this to my roommate as she asked me what I was doing the next day. It's funny the things that will come out of your mouth without even realizing it. 

Tuesday I ventured out to upstate New York to photograph a beautiful family in Lake Placid at this cute place called John Brown Farm.

Anyway, here's Adena and Etan and they're beautiful family.