Gabrielle met her Matt


These two. Such a beautiful wedding. The way they looked at each other is just unbelievable. I cried myself. Shhhhhhh
They hosted their wedding in an alleyway. Who knew a warehouse could be so beautiful! I love how creative we are as humans. A diamond in the rough. They transformed this space into something truely magical. I'm so excited to share these with you. I was so honored I was the one they chose to capture their amazing day. :)

Joe Percy Live from the Granite Quarry


It was cold, but not that cold. It was mid-November. We walked over a "do not trespass" sign into the quarry. We got some dirty looks from men in excavators, and I was surprisingly more nervous than Joe. 
We got too cold and found ourselves enjoying a beer and pizza at Positive Pie in Barre, but it's fine. The sunset didn't look that great anyway. 

His music is wonderful and soulful. Definitely, go listen to him here!

Babes on a Mountain

A couple weeks ago my best friend since forever was in town. 

We both grew up in Vermont and went to Highschool together in Hardwick, Vermont. Years later I convinced her to move to Chicago with me. She's still there (kinda) when she's not jet-setting all over the country, and I'm currently back in Burlington. 

I got to meet her raaaaad girlfriend as well. I cried. It was great. I took them to my favorite lookout in Vermont thus far and had an imporpmptu couples shoot. 
Here they are <3