Baird and Kyle


October 6th these two tied the knot in one of the most gorgeous places ever. Southhampton New York. I was pretty excited to get to experience such a cool place with these two lovebirds. Baird and Kyle are so dang funny nobody could stop laughing and crying and laughing some more. They’re definitely a hoot, and let me tell you, these cats and everybody at this wedding can dance like nobody’s business.

I brought a second shooter to this wedding for moral support and because it’s more fun to road trip with friends. Drew Holland KILLED it as my second shooter and some of his photos will be dabbled through here as well. :)

Bekah and Ray


We saw a blue heron, an eagle, and a bunch of chickens. I mean, that has to be good luck for these two cuties!

A gorgeous wedding at Curtis Farm in Wilton, New Hampshire.



I’ve been pretty off the radar when it comes to keeping up my website lately. After wedding season was over I needed a breather from everything, but it’s so nice to come back recharged and look at Noah and Olivia’s wedding!

These two are so friggin’ adorable I lost my mind. I love how so intensely happy they are together. Olivia had the biggest cheesiest smile all over her face the entire day, and Noah looks at her like he’s seeing her for the first time every time he looks at her. It’s hard to look at these and not get all misty and sappy over it.

Lareau Farm in Waitsfield is one of my favorite venues. It’s so perfect for a wedding this big and happy.

I never know what to write in these blog posts except how thrilled I was that they chose me for their wedding day. It was an incredible day.

Love you guys <3