I’ve been pretty off the radar when it comes to keeping up my website lately. After wedding season was over I needed a breather from everything, but it’s so nice to come back recharged and look at Noah and Olivia’s wedding!

These two are so friggin’ adorable I lost my mind. I love how so intensely happy they are together. Olivia had the biggest cheesiest smile all over her face the entire day, and Noah looks at her like he’s seeing her for the first time every time he looks at her. It’s hard to look at these and not get all misty and sappy over it.

Lareau Farm in Waitsfield is one of my favorite venues. It’s so perfect for a wedding this big and happy.

I never know what to write in these blog posts except how thrilled I was that they chose me for their wedding day. It was an incredible day.

Love you guys <3



I’ve been wanting to post about Nick and Hayley for awhile now, but I’ve been struggling to find the best words. It was just a ton of people that love each other crying their faces off about two beautiful people getting married.

There’s nothing quite like shooting a wedding as a guest and the photographer. The ease that graces you as you’ve already made it through the awkward pleasantries and the hesitation of fearing judgements as I grab a glass of wine at the reception. Love pouring out of every single person that came. Hayley and Nick could not stop cheesin’ all dang day. As the ceremony took place, nobody seemed to be able to keep it together. Wet eyes, and sniffles roared through the crowd as they pledged their vows to love each other forever.

Being able to drop my professional photographer face, and just be that weirdo with a camera in one hand and a whiskey in the other, I feel it really allowed me to capture their day more intimately than ever before. The insight of history and friendship washed over us and everything was beautiful, and chaotic, and perfect.


August 26th was the day I stopped working at the Camera Store. I came home kind of upset and my best friend reminded me that we had these muralists coming to stay with us. I was annoyed and I didn't want to see anyone at first, but then I met them and totally fell in love with these boss babes. Their mission was so cool and so inspiring and I dubbed myself their official photographer and helped document their progress. It was kind of a turning point for me personally. As one window shut, I found myself opening a door to a really wonderful world of possibilities that is a journey I am so pumped to be on right now. 

They were given the wall behind Battery Street Jeans in Burlington, VT to paint a mural of some boss babes around New England. Emily Herr and Sarah Apple have a beautiful way of spreading girl power and I'm so lucky to have met them. 

#girlsgirlsgirlstour Click the link!! I recommend checking out their artwork and their incredible story.
I'm so glad the giant metal baby is back on the road. <3