Day 1 - Cochise, Arizona

The story I heard was that over Christmas, my father was under the impression him and my mother were not doing Christmas, which to him meant he didn't have to get her a present.
Well, that was his first mistake. I'd expect he'd be more woman savvy for such an old fart. We all know that's never the case. Especially with my mother. 
Either way, 
He took this opportunity to fly me out to Arizona to surprise my mother for their Birthdays. My mom's birthday is March 11th and my dad's is March 13th. (There were a few years when I was a teenager where I had a boyfriend who's birthday was March 12th. Very expensive weekends.) 
She blew the surprise, but that didn't stop us from having a fantastic week. I am bummed I didn't get to see her face as I rolled into the driveway of their little desert home and see her face turn like a hundred shades of red. 

Day one I acted as my father's personal photographer. He builds tube amps, and his album from his college band Mott's Men is on the top 100 least listened to albums ever made. 
He's kind of a big deal.