Spring Awakening at Greenhope Horse Farm

When I was just a little kid my mother sent me to a summer horse camp. I'd spend my days cleaning stalls and learning to ride horses. Despite the fact I lived on a horse farm myself, and we had our own horses and our own stalls and all that fun stuff, my mother thought it would be best if I went elsewhere to learn all that stuff. 

Needless to say, it wasn't really my thing, but I did form a lifetime relationship with my wonderful friend, and almost second mother Sallie.

Sallie's current farm sits on a hill in Westmore, Vermont. A gorgeous little slice of heaven that I had the pleasure of living on for a few months over the summer and acted as the in-house gardener. (I learned I have quite the green thumb.)

I went to visit her this weekend, unknowingly it was the Spring Equinox which was paired nicely with a gorgeous sunny day and some decent 50-60 degree weather.

I highly suggest giving her a visit: Greenhope Horse Farm