A few weeks ago I got a call on a Friday morning from my best friend. 
"Arielle, I'm getting on a plane right now to Boston for a wedding. Are you free Sunday?"

"Short notice, but I will see what I can do!"

Excited, I quickly asked my co-worker to switch shifts with me and see if I could get Monday off so I could drive the three hours from Burlington to Boston to see my wonderful best friend who typically lives in Chicago.

Fortunately, it was made possible, and I got to explore this gorgeous city. I had never really spent much time there when I lived in Vermont as a teenager. I was more interested in other things and took my location for granted, which I am embracing now. I was excited. I packed my bag of cameras. My NIkon D90 with my beloved 20mm 1.4 art lens, my Fujifilm mini 8 Instax, a Fuji X10 and my co-workers Mamiya 645. Unfortunately I never used the Mamiya, I kept forgetting I had it with me. Terrible waste, but I still managed to get some really neat stuff.