Tim and Sarah are Married!!

Oh maaaaannnnnn! What a stunning wedding. Tim and Sarah were one of the first weddings I booked for 2018, and I was so nervous, and they are SO DANG COOL.  So many of my clients have a strange tie to me directly in my personal life. Tim and Sarah and I have mutual friends in Somerville, which is where they live. Who knew!?

It was one of those weddings where you feel like you're just part of the wedding, and that's what I hope to achieve by the end of the day with all my weddings. 

When you mermaid for each other.


I seriously have the coolest clients, It's crazy. 

Scott and Amber were referred to me by a mutual friend Dave, who's in this bitchin' band called Wolfhand. Come to find out, Scott and Amber are also in the music scene with their band Witchkiss. (Go see them both play at Nectar's October 29th for a spooky show)

I showed up at the Green Mountain Inn about 30 minutes before their ceremony. I hadn't met either of them in person yet, and I didn't actually meet Amber until after the ceremony was over. But holy moly, aren't they a stunning family!! It was a gorgeous little knot tying elopement. It was short and sweet, followed by champagne, a fully clothed swim, and dinner. I'm so happy they chose me to photograph them. I love these intimate ceremonies. I feel like for a few hours I become a part of somebody's family. As bizarre as that sounds. 


Enjoy the photos! <3

A wet knot is harder to break


Megan and Oscar

Whenever I first show up at a wedding I'm shooting there's definitely a little awkward phase where we all gotta warm up to each other. That phase barely existed with Megan and Oscar. Megan offered me a tequila shot, and Oscar by the end of the night was yelling "I DON'T WANNA SEE YOU WITH THAT CAMERA ANYMORE. JUST HAVE FUN" 

It rained the entire day except for the ceremony which was STUNNING. 
It was one of those days that was very challenging, but so very worth it. By the end of the night I was soaking wet, and disheveled, but so was everybody else except the bride and groom of course. 

I had never been to Tarbin Gardens, but it's one of the most gorgeous locations I've seen and although it rained all day, I still had so much fun with everybody. Amazing energy, amazing people, great night. I know they'll be happy forever.

I also looked up what rain on a wedding day meant that night,
A wet knot is harder to untie therefore rain on your wedding day means that your marriage will for sure last. <3