When you mermaid for each other.


I seriously have the coolest clients, It's crazy. 

Scott and Amber were referred to me by a mutual friend Dave, who's in this bitchin' band called Wolfhand. Come to find out, Scott and Amber are also in the music scene with their band Witchkiss. (Go see them both play at Nectar's October 29th for a spooky show)

I showed up at the Green Mountain Inn about 30 minutes before their ceremony. I hadn't met either of them in person yet, and I didn't actually meet Amber until after the ceremony was over. But holy moly, aren't they a stunning family!! It was a gorgeous little knot tying elopement. It was short and sweet, followed by champagne, a fully clothed swim, and dinner. I'm so happy they chose me to photograph them. I love these intimate ceremonies. I feel like for a few hours I become a part of somebody's family. As bizarre as that sounds. 


Enjoy the photos! <3

It's raining, it's pouring, there's actually a freakin' nor'easter outside


I'm a big fan of elopements. Nothing screams love more soundly then wanting nothing but to go up on a Tuesday with nobody else but your soulmate (and your photographer as well, duh) 

This one was super special. Heidi had found me about six weeks prior, and asked if I'd be interested in shooting her and Tyler elope. Obviously, I jumped at the idea. Monday, the day before arrived and I went and met up with them for lunch. Little did I know, this cute couple from outta state, I had gone to high school with the groom! What a small world.

Tuesday showed up and I was kind of freaking out. There was a nor'easter in the forecast and it was 9am and the roads were pure white. I made the poor decision to not get snow tires this year so I had recruited a friend with a big truck to drive me around that day so that I wouldn't die.

We first went to the house that Tyler grew up in. It's lived in temporarily by an adorable older couple who let us play around and take photos. It had such an adorable charm to it. I love all the cute farmhouses in the North East Kingdom.

Next stop was Burke Mountain. We ran around and took some cute photos in the snow while we waited for the officiant.
We picked a cute little spot on a creek. Just the four of us and two woman who worked at the mountain. It was beautiful and snowy and a wonderful story.

I was also featured on the Boston 7 News!! Go check out the adorable little story here!!