When you mermaid for each other.


I seriously have the coolest clients, It's crazy. 

Scott and Amber were referred to me by a mutual friend Dave, who's in this bitchin' band called Wolfhand. Come to find out, Scott and Amber are also in the music scene with their band Witchkiss. (Go see them both play at Nectar's October 29th for a spooky show)

I showed up at the Green Mountain Inn about 30 minutes before their ceremony. I hadn't met either of them in person yet, and I didn't actually meet Amber until after the ceremony was over. But holy moly, aren't they a stunning family!! It was a gorgeous little knot tying elopement. It was short and sweet, followed by champagne, a fully clothed swim, and dinner. I'm so happy they chose me to photograph them. I love these intimate ceremonies. I feel like for a few hours I become a part of somebody's family. As bizarre as that sounds. 


Enjoy the photos! <3

Cotton Candy, Hot Dogs, and Kat Wright.


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to shoot Kat Wright at the Champlain Valley Fair. Definitely a pretty amazing experience. Even after I couldn't walk straight for two days from all the carousel rides, it was totally worth it. I had a blast. Her music is jazzy and her soul is firey, and I was inspired to create. I also got to experience the incredible frosted flakes chicken on a stick. I highly recommend. It's p delish. The next day I jammed out to her album By My Side and used it to inspire as I edited. 

It's always a really great feeling when you walk away from a shoot and you just can't wait to see them, and finish them, and share them. As I grow as a photographer it's becoming second nature to capture things as I experience them, and it's part of who I am to reach for my camera as I see a moment about to happen. It's refreshing to have people seek me out because they like my work and they want me. Not just a photographer, but me. Arielle Thomas. That feels pretty dang cool.