Cotton Candy, Hot Dogs, and Kat Wright.


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to shoot Kat Wright at the Champlain Valley Fair. Definitely a pretty amazing experience. Even after I couldn't walk straight for two days from all the carousel rides, it was totally worth it. I had a blast. Her music is jazzy and her soul is firey, and I was inspired to create. I also got to experience the incredible frosted flakes chicken on a stick. I highly recommend. It's p delish. The next day I jammed out to her album By My Side and used it to inspire as I edited. 

It's always a really great feeling when you walk away from a shoot and you just can't wait to see them, and finish them, and share them. As I grow as a photographer it's becoming second nature to capture things as I experience them, and it's part of who I am to reach for my camera as I see a moment about to happen. It's refreshing to have people seek me out because they like my work and they want me. Not just a photographer, but me. Arielle Thomas. That feels pretty dang cool.